Jessica Name Meaning: What Makes It Remarkable

The name Jessica inspires authenticity, gratitude and promptness.

Letter Analysis

JJ's are usually very capable people, plus their ability to express themselves usually helps them to quickly convince others to follow them.
E'E' signifies eternity and generosity, one living their life after their own rules, not worrying about time.
SThe 'S' conceals a largely rational response as opposed to a feelings based answer, portraying someone who puts a great price on interpreting life situations objectively.
SWith 'S' resonating with the intensity of the number 1, these people are surely pioneers and will often end up showing their peers the way.
IWithin the 'I' there is a desire for finding ways to make things happen and exert willfulness, this being extended to the rank of life principle.
COn the negative side, 'C' may get too fervent at times, thus not always taking things to an end.
AFrom a friendship perspective, 'A' is that kind of telepathic friend who knows what their friend is thinking just at a glance.

Life Lesson & Challenge: The name Jessica reflects the life lesson and challenge of the first vowel 'E'. This touches on cherishing the chances you are given to indulge and also to fighting to make your opinions heard.

Spirituality Charge: Exceptional

Name Numerology

Jessica Name Numerology: 3

Luck Prospects
FriendshipVery High★★★★★

Blessed Careers: Education, Advertising, Training Services or similar.

Name Number 3 Qualities

Name Number 3 QualitiesThe number 3 signifies the creator rather than the worker, someone who takes full advantage of their potential and is also very sociable. Dynamic and original, 3s are known for being able to notice and create beauty, plus they exhibit a child-like innocence. The purpose hiding behind the number 3 alludes to using self-discipline to overcome any frustrations and focus creativity.

Love Aspects of Name Number 3

Name Number 3 LoveThe number 3 sweetheart is so fascinating that has no trouble attracting everyone, their beauty and charm being understated. This is a person who craves for a stable and cozy relationship but there is a risk they might get bored in it, so will likely feel the need to take action. Number 3s love to be in the company of people that can be easily persuaded, and will instill in their families some kind of exhilaration.

Name Compatibility

The name Jessica matches with first names starting with I, S & X but doesn't really match with last names starting with B, J & H.

CompatibilityFirst names starting withLast names starting with
HighI, S & XD, T & R
AverageN, L & WQ, U & K
LowZ, Q & DB, J & H

Letter & Numerology Insights

The Cornerstone: J

Cornerstone J LetterIn the study of Numerology, the first letter of a name establishes how that person reacts to the opportunities they come across in life. Fair, cooperating and often comfortable in quietness, the individual whose first letter of the name is J seems to always be prepared for any eventuality as they take their sweet time thinking everything through before doing something.

The Capstone: A

Capstone A LetterThe Capstone, the last letter of a name, reflects that person's perseverance to withstand what their plan entails and the associated feelings towards ending different things in life. The A Capstone suggests a sense of leadership and individualism, as well as a need to respect the promises that have been made, despite the possible obstacles that may surface along the way.

Entourage Insight

This name attracts heroic and friendly people, moreover, one needs to avoid absentminded and blunt people.

Name Vibration

The emotional energy of the name Jessica is associated with the Pride level on the emotional vibration scale.

Jessica Name Symbols

Name Color: Yellow

Yellow ColorThe connection with the color Yellow suggests that Jessica name holders prefer to have control over situations they are faced with. Color therapists encourage people to use Yellow to gain a positive perspective but also to tone down idealism.

Lucky numbers

Luck Symbol4, 10, 20, 26 and 34 are the lucky numbers for the name Jessica.

Odd or Even Year?

Odd Even IconNumerology suggests that this name tends to have a greater luck charge for a person whose birth year is an even number.

Lucky Weekday: Saturday

SaturdaySaturday, which is the day of Saturn, the planet of productivity and boundaries, is the lucky day associated with this name. One should use the Saturday to catch up on outstanding tasks and get organized for the following week.

Favorable Month: August

AugustThe symbolism of the month of August focuses on peace and sympathy. It signals the time to search for special experiences and get out of the comfort zone. The energy contained within the month of August encourages spiritual strength and power of expression.

Lucky Gemstone: Rose Quartz

Rose QuartzThe name Jessica is associated with the Rose Quartz gemstone which prompts one to learn to love themselves before loving anyone else. Rose Quartz gives the confidence that one can overcome any challenges, especially emotional ones.

Animal Spirit: Phoenix

PhoenixAs a totem animal, the Phoenix is about clarity and refinement. Intrinsically, Phoenix symbolism teaches us that only by taking a step back, we can see what we are otherwise missing. For people who have the Phoenix as the spirit animal, others respecting their space and independency is essential.

Plant Spirit: Anthurium

AnthuriumThe beautiful Anthurium is the flower with the most relevance for someone with this name. It reminds of cordiality and prosperity. Anthurium flowers are heart-shaped, reminding of the power of sincere love and affection for those close.

Sign Language

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