The Core Numbers of Numerology: From Life Path to Hidden Passion

Name and birthday numerology numbers will make you look at yourself and your life choices with different eyes.

The Core Numbers of Numerology: From Life Path to Hidden Passion

Numerology is mainly an instrument used for the improvement of one’s self. It is an approach to increase more prominent knowledge and comprehension into your internal being and genuine nature.

It uncovers parts of your character and identity in a way that is new and rousing. It provides ways from which to take a look at one’s self; one with more noteworthy separation and viewpoint than numerous other self-improvement frameworks.

Self-learning is the way to progress and opportunity. Tune in to the numbers and freedom shall be in close proximity.

The Life Path Number

This number is of great importance in one’s number chart. The Life path number is the map to follow in order to see where the journey of life will take an individual.

Openings and difficulties found on route are greatly influenced by the Life Path and so will provide a sketch of what one’s journey might look like.

The Life Path number is a number that is concluded in compliance with one’s full date of birth. This is a number that encompasses and represents an individual’s existence. And towards this end, it is of great importance.

From birth and throughout the rest of life, this number will define the primal traits of an individual along with their overall qualities that will define them as people.

While there is a general balance throughout the numbers, there are differences, and depending on them, people will either be in for a joy ride, or a horrendous experience.

But even in the worst-case scenario, there will be a bright side, and this number is here to explain from the start what awaits one in life, so that they can prepare themselves and thrive based off of what opportunities pop up.

People can find out what their Life Path number is by firstly adding up the Month to the day and then the year of their birth in order to achieve a total sum.

Once this is achieved, the next step is to reduce this four-digit number to a single digit number. If the master numbers are the chosen pick however, then a person could stop reducing the number once they achieve these master numbers which are 11 or 22.

Your Expression or Destiny Number

If the Life Path number paves the events of life in front of an individual, for them to see what will come their way, then the Expression number will provide insight towards one’s innate sturdiness along side their downfalls.

This number is usually also called a Destiny number. A well-earned name, as it provides a vision as to what a person’s goal in life is.

The Destiny number works hand in hand with the Life Path number and it is paramount to knowing one’s true purpose as well as knowing what life has prepared for them.

This number provides the end goal, while the Life Path number provides the pit stops and tools to reach that said goal.

The Expression number is indicated by the letters in one’s full name, and it pinpoints the qualities and talents that an individual is provided at birth.

In order to find out what Destiny number someone has, they need to give each and everyone of the letters in their name a number from the chart. This must be done for the first name, middle name and Last name, all separately.

For every name, the numbers must be added separately and then reduced to a single digit. Once this process is finished, the resulting numbers must be added up together and then reduced again to a single digit in order to achieve the Destiny number.

The Cornerstone

The Cornerstone is defined by the first letter of the first name given at birth. It represents the way that one approaches life and its opportunities along with the negative situations it has to offer.

While there is an array of methods one can use to tackle life, the Cornerstone shows the most probable method a particular individual can use to approach certain difficulties and scenarios.

The Capstone

Capstone is the last letter of a first name. This defines the most probable way in which an individual achieves their end game, their goals and overall tasks and activities.

It can also tell someone what they might feel once they achieve something, whether it will be a time for celebration, so on and so forth.

While bringing a plan to fruition might seem like an end road to some, as compared to the excitement of starting a plan, there are capstone letters that bring with them joy once a project is finalized.

Your Personality Number

This number represents the early introduction people get out of someone. It speaks to the parts of people that they are most prepared and willing to uncover and pushes them to decide exactly what it is they uncover, and to whom they end up doing so.

This number goes about as a cradle, screening out a few people and circumstances someone would prefer not to manage while respecting the things in life that identify with their inward personality.

The Personality number is resulted from the consonants in one’s name.

Your Heart’s Desire Number

This number shows what someone appreciates in life. Their choices are based off of the things they seek and love in life, both in career as well as social and love life.

It represents the burning passion from which decisions are made. The Heart’s Desire number is taken from the vowels in someone’s name.

The Hidden Passion

This is the number that is most often encountered in one’s name when all the letters are given their numeric correspondent. It shows the things one is most talented at or what one would excel at and it is the main tool to use in life for achieving fulfillment. Its mere existence lights the desire to cultivate and use it.

Your Birth Day Number

While this is simply an individual’s date of birth, it also signifies a brilliant ability that will take root in one’s Life Path.

This number represents an individual’s true nature, the person that they are right now as well as the one that they will become in the future.

The Karmic Lesson equals to the frailty and flaws of an individual that they must work on. To dwell on this is to delve in the depths of one’s life, their passion, yearning that even they do not know of.

Joy Carter, the founder of HoroscopeJoy, through her experience studying astrology and human personality, is of the opinion that we cannot consider ourselves free and in control of our personalities, unless we shed light on our strengths and flaws alike. She strongly believes that becoming aware of who we really are, as dictated by our birth day and astral context at birth, should be our side quest, no matter what else we do in life.

Balance Number

The effect that this number has on people is dependent on exactly how harmonious and balanced an individual actually is. It is calculated by reducing the numerical value of all initials in a name (from first, middle and last name) to a single digit.

It’s true meaning and strength resonates once an individual is going through an intense period in their lives. Enough chaos or erratic hardships will shake one’s Balance Number and bring its importance to light.

An individual should work towards evolving their intellect and developing a strong sense of maturity in order to grasp the true ways of life and in this process, the role of the Balance number is paramount, as it will be a guiding beacon.

This number will be the teacher that will offer all the advice required in order to properly comprehend the difficulties that may come. Granted, it might be vague and riddled advice, but so is everything in life. Being able to properly read the meaning of this number is crucial to finding tranquility in one’s life journey.