Life Path Numerology: Discover the Invisible Forces in Your Life

The Life Path number is an incredibly revealing source for one’s purpose in life and the forces at play behind their experiences.

Life Path Numerology: Discover the Invisible Forces in Your Life

Numerology can be seen as an assistant that helps in achieving a greater perspective and comprehension of one’s true self.

It sheds light on traits, qualities and sides of one’s personality in brilliant, innovative ways.

Numerology provides the right angles to look from when analysing and trying to get to know one’s own self, and after all, knowledge is power, especially self-knowledge. It provides liberty and the strength that can guide you towards success.

The number with the most importance in anybody’s number chart is the Life Path number. This number represents the way someone’s life is laid down in front of them for them to experience.

It shows all the hardships, joy and chances at success one can encounter. The Life Path number is obtained by reducing all the numbers in one’s birthday to a single-digit number.

This method is the single correct manner in which one can find out the life path number, because it takes into consideration the cycle that is Numerology. It appraises the beginning and the end of things as well as staying in touch with the rest of numerological life.

Period cycles are represented by the three cycles that engulf one’s life. Each one of them is a third of one’s life.

The first one is defined by the reduced number of the birth month, the second one from the birth day and the third one from the birth year.

As such, the Life Path number is not simply the added result of the birth date, but the result of one’s own entire life, laid before them in the form of a single digit representing the path their life has to follow.

The Life Path number will provide guidance in life. It will give insight towards the difficulties and goals one ought to encounter as well as the blessings they will need in order to use as tools towards the conquering of their path.

Studying the following Life Path numbers in accordance to one’s own past experiences is well advised, as well as being attentive towards one’s own birthdate.

Each of these numbers, from Life Path 1 to 9, defines a purpose, composed of opportunities and challenges, personalized for each individual.

The Life Path number 1

This number brims with originality and imagination. People with this numerology excel at anything that does not compromise but bring to fruition their creativity.

They make for great artists and will do well in anything involving it or education and entrepreneurial activities. They make for great family people and great parents.

The Life Path number 1 also means individuals will forever be imaginative and original. Their hardships lie in dealing with their insecurities and intrusive thoughts. Once that is dealt with, their minds will be free to shine bright and create.

The Life Path number 2

The worst thing number 2 can do is fall too deeply within their overly helpful nature.

While they are great at helping others and working in teams, they sometimes do so in exaggeration, to the point of seeming as if they become servants to the ones they want to help.

This is something they need to notice and stop from happening, for they are often taken for granted because of it.

Life Path number 2 individuals are hard workers with all the qualities of a leader. However, they are much more than satisfied with simply giving a helping hand, taking care of others and supporting their growth. Their goal is to be the righteous hand of the greater good.

The Life Path number 3

Number 3 grants people with an intense connection with their spirituality. They are highly intelligent people who have a deep emotional entanglement with their surroundings.

The Life Path number 3 people require an environment that nurtures their expressivity. This also makes them suited for writing, creating art, whether through music or visual arts as well as diplomatic endeavours and teaching.

If their imagination is restrained and their creativity stopped, they end up becoming negative, frustrated, angry and with a great deal of mood swings.

The Life Path number 4

With the Life Path number 4, the ordinary desire for an equilibrium will be an intense one, and the lives of these people will always yearn for a stable flow, however, from time to time, these individuals will be pushed into wanting quite the opposite.

It’s just how things are with this number. These people are nothing if not determined and diligent workers that use their analytical minds to come up with the best solutions for anything.

They are highly adaptable individuals fit for managing a team or supervising a project.

But since the opposite can happen, sometimes, due to overthinking, number for can become overindulged and lost in confusion. Sometimes it’s better to simply listen to one’s instinct.

The Life Path number 5

People with the Life Path number 5 yearn for adventure and liberty. They are quick on their feet and quick in their judgement as well and take tackle life and its many adversities with ease due to their adaptability.

While they are interested in a great deal of life’s thrills, this can also push them into exhausting themselves by chasing so many activities at once.

But they will still always choose adventure over anything material.

The Life Path number 6

Number 6 people have an exquisite ethic regarding aesthetics, righteousness, equality and honesty. However, such just ideals can often make these people experience sorrow and disappointment.

After all, in today’s world, not many people share the same belief and view on how things just be. As such, the Life Path number 6 will often find itself in a world of illusion created by their ideals.

They will escape this once they open their eyes to the possibilities of realism and what it can bring.

They are their own worst critics, they will always judge that one single failure or mistake, as opposed to appreciating every good they have done for themselves and for the world.

The Life Path number 7

Number 7 has an abundance of uncertainty, doubt and disbelief towards the rest of the worlds and towards its own individuals.

Their insight does however make them seem as if they were clairvoyant. These traits make number 7 people have a desire for seclusion and often isolate themselves from the world.

With a tendency for either sharing too much or too little, the Life Path number 7 often creates situations of confusion when the outcome of said confusion is usually seen as an act of treachery by number 7.

These people ought to hone their intuition and rid themselves of their mistrust in order to fulfil their path.

The Life Path number 8

With number 8 people, confusion, hardships and a yearning for materiality will be a constant. They will be driven towards financial and entrepreneurial success more often than not.

They present a dismissal of their own desire for acceptance from others and appreciation for their work. They simply resent being thought of as superficial or weak.

Life Path number 8 individuals also do not enjoy noticing the success that others around them have and will often compare themselves to others in this aspect.

Alike number 4, number 8 provides great analytical skills and a brilliant intellect capable of planning for anything. These people should never cease their persistence in achieving their goals.

The Life Path number 9

People born to become leaders, number 9 individuals exude wisdom, intelligence and charisma. However, these exemplary qualities can only be obtained after scrutinous hardships.

While the road ahead will be difficult and slow for the Life Path number 9, it will bring forth bountiful fruits for the mind to feast upon and develop and grow into brilliance.

These people will often be seen in solitude. Their idealistic nature tends to make it so that other people’s view of the world simply doesn’t align with theirs. They are also highly sensitive when others forward any criticism to the table.