Numbers 1 to 9: Spiritual Meanings Hiding Behind Each Personality

Let’s talk about the spiritual underlying in the personalities of people with each of the 1 to 9 numerologies.

Numbers 1 to 9: Spiritual Meanings Hiding Behind Each Personality

Numbers have a specific empowerment to their intrinsic sense and are deeply connected with the powers of nature and humanity.

This article is meant to provide insight into the impact numbers can have in our lives, into how their spiritual meaning influences our fate but this is simply the tip of the iceberg in the special study of numerology.

Number 1: Achieving goals

The number one symbolism is about handling things with an iron will, inspiration and raw vitality. This number brings with it the start of new journeys and it puts emphasis on both physicality and mentality.

This combination will often push individuals into searching for new and exciting things in life. Travelling, perhaps, in order to attain that sense of adventure. Number one motivates people to be relentless. This in turn will bring bountiful rewards.

Number one’s destiny is often that of a well decorated leader. People with this number desire peace and harmony, sometimes even solitude if required, in order to achieve their goals. These people will often be seen carrying out tasks by themselves.

Number 2: Creating meaningful bonds

Number two stands for benevolence, balance, judgment, a leveled head, and duality. These people are often thoughtful, always thinking things through and are suckers for constantly planning.

Two will often make people engage with others in trades. Whether of goods or businesses, whether in peace or in conflict, two will always incite communication and cooperation with others.

These people will often create bonds with others that most resemble their own way of thinking and living.

People with number two will often desire socialization. Being part of something alongside other people is a must for them.

They will often be seen trying to merge into different groups of people in order to put their communication and problem-solving skills to use. This is prone to happening at work as well, in order to achieve a common goal.

Number 3: Echoing creativity

The sacred aspect of number three handles the mystical arts, instinct and fertility, along with adaptability, excitement and originality and focuses on all sides of time: the past, the present and of course, the future.

The person with this number will often attempt to make their deeds and opinions echo through the universe with their originality and creativity.

They are prone to seeking the new thrills along with building connections for the sake of receiving aid in their endeavors.

Number 3 brings the winds of art and creativity with it, as such these people will often seek a more artistic approach to life.

Number 4: Mental stamina and domesticity

The number four signifies balance. The nature of these people makes them down to earth and grounded.

They will be often found reaching to their origins, this being the core of their soul, and in the place that represents this root of theirs, they will establish a stable “home”, a fortress, in which they can grow and prosper.

These people are likely to have an abundance of mental stamina and determination and will often sway towards doing things efficiently and rationally. To this end, they will become individuals that exude dexterity, perseverance and composure.

Both in social life and in work, these people are usually fair and genuine as well as committed and faithful.

Number 5: Perpetual transformation

Number five represents constant change. These people always require new things to bring them joy and excitement and to this end they seek adventure, scouring the face of the earth in search for it.

While this can be the bright side of the story, the other aspect that their nature brings is a rather negative one. Through all of this raw, pure desire for adventure, number 5 will often encounter an instability in their lives.

They will often change their personalities, their nature due to this fact, and it will not always be towards the better.

This individual is prone to switching up their plans in the last minute along with the methods of reaching their goals.

This will often seem to be an erratic behavior and it usually is. But somehow number five makes it work in the end.

Number 6: Blissful harmony

The meaning number six brings at the table is that of serenity. The nature of these people is often defined by compassion, honesty and tranquility.

People of number six will often be sought out in order to solve delicate matters and even conflicts, seeing as how they approach such situations with a calm, unclouded mind and will clean up things in a patient and diplomatic matter.

They are spiritually awoken characters that have the role of shedding light upon other people’s paths. They will often aid those in need in order to have them become independent individuals, both from a mental and spiritual point of view.

They are often those that will forgive their rivals and foes as opposed to colliding with them until the battle is won.

Their vision is one that they will attempt to share with their loved ones and will try convincing them of the spiritual benefits that patience, forgiveness and compassion come with.

Number 7: A deeper understanding

Number seven shares the same interests and connection with number three when it comes to spirituality. This number is deeply rooted in the search for the mystical and unexplainable, however number seven’s approach, as opposed to number three’s, is a more practical, scientific one.

These people will often seek the development of one’s own creativity. They will constantly attempt to cultivate one’s mind, developing their cognitive abilities in order to create a proper harmony between imagination and rational thinking, developing their ability to comprehend their surroundings in the process.

While they are ruled by Saturn and this might push people into thinking that number seven is often caught in improbable and absurd daydreaming, that is often not the case for number seven, as they always seek out the best methods to grow.

Number seven always strives for mental development and growth in order to properly achieve the wisdom required to understand the secrets of the world. They are deeply rooted in spirituality, insight and the mystical.

Number 8: Bringing great goals to fruition

Number eight’s life is heavily based on materialism. These people are often found in entrepreneurial endeavors for the sake of wealth.

This is influenced by number eight’s nature, which is based on constant reiteration until a goal is reached. This shines light upon their determination, after all, how would one achieve greatness if one would give up in the process.

Number eight will do something until that something brings fruition and that’s how they usually acquire their wealth and make it in the business industry.

For this, they are equipped with all the right tools. They are fit for management, businesses and are a force of nature at giving society what it requires in order to thrive.

Number 9: Perfecting their craft

Number nine’s symbolism evokes the fulfilment that everybody so desires. People with the number nine don’t have to worry about no lack of success.

They seem to present constant satisfaction with their overall achievements and are often found being the craftsmen of their own destiny. If they have a plan, they will reap the fruits of their labor, always.

Along their path, these people will preach their ideals and will teach others how to become self-sustaining and content with their endeavors.

These people show an affection for humanity. They are usually patient with their fellow people and often engage in humanitarian activities, all towards the success of the world.