Number 3 Numerology: Key Personality, Love and Career Aspects

Wherever these people go, they are followed by happiness. Or more like, they bring the happiness themselves.

Number 3 Numerology: Key Personality, Love and Career Aspects

People with the number 3 have been blessed with the spark of creation. Sweet is the touch of imagination inside these people’s brilliant minds. They will often be blind towards their own mental prowess.

For them, creativity comes as a side effect of letting their imagination run wild and having fun and setting out on joyous and exciting adventures. It’s usually those on the outside that will bear witness to their greatness, not the other way around.

Personality aspects

Number 3s seem to have a great deal of traits and qualities that make life rather easy for them. While they have great mental and spiritual assets, due to these exact perks of theirs, they tend to be rather “spoon-fed” and their behavior can seem quite erratic and all over the place.

As such, these people will often need a guiding hand to show them the way when they get lost.

A number three individual shines bright with originality and creativeness. Their imagination usually runs rampant in their heads and expressing such thoughts will often result in the creation of great artists.

Add that to their amazing social skills and openness and you got yourself raw artistical talent, especially in the vocal and verbal fields.

Taking into consideration all of this, along with number three’s usual charisma and top tier looks and the outcome is a rather attractive individual that has no trouble in finding a partner.

The negative aspect of number three is that while these individuals are bold in the face of life and live life it to the fullest however best they can, they also, because of this, seem to have problems with taking responsibility for their deeds and their outcome.

On the road they might encounter financial issues with how big they are on spending money. To them, issues aren’t really issues because of their unrealistically positive attitude. Nothing can stay bad for long and things will eventually turn out well by themselves, right?

While they might seem childish and irresponsible at times, number three is actually highly appreciative of the blessings it has been given along with their imaginative abilities.

If number three seems too carefree and as if lacking a sense of responsibility, it’s due to the fact that they can’t help but enjoy life in their loving, adventurous nature.

Any sort of problem simply pales in the face of life’s joy and grandeur. After all, their role is to distract the world from negativity and sorrow and open their eyes to the excitement of life.

In order for number three to start the process of growth and reach maturity, they will require control, self-restraint and a strong will. Number three will often be presented with great talent at a young age.

If this happens, it is advised to place these individuals in an environment that is equipped with conditions to nurture such talented prodigies.

As if it wasn’t enough that number three had so many positive sides to its life, it’s also blessed with unfathomable luck. They always seem to be exactly where opportunities pop up.

Wherever these people go, they are followed by happiness. Or more like, they bring the happiness themselves.

Number three can’t help but want to remind the folk that life isn’t all about the bad times. While joy may not be a constant, its intensity is superior and should be felt as often as possible. Good times are coming and they can also be brought. It’s all a matter of perspective and how the mind affects all.

Number three shocks the pillars of existence with their abundant spirit. They are a beacon of positive energy that lights the way for folks to follow in their path.

This often makes number three people become the jesters and comedians in the crowd since bringing joy is their main mission.

To these people, hardships are of no relevance, as they always face problems from on the bright side of things. They are always seen positive, with a smile or smirk on their face.

This is often used to also hide the negativity of life. Their overall charismatic nature added to the mix makes them gather followers easily, without intentions.

Number three faces opposition willingly and expectedly with a joyful expression and will often enjoy the hardships of life, considering them to only be thrilling rides at the amusement park.

They are highly emotional and this causes them to go through constant mood swings. While this can be bad, it also serves them well in handing the tough spots in life.

This individual has a great need to bond and communicate with those around them. Throughout life, the difficulties this number has encountered has matured it.

The path they followed in order to achieve this state will aid them in guiding others towards the same goal.

How about love

Romance is a bit of a challenging chapter in the life of a three. They have a hard time engaging in long-term relationships and have serious issues in the faithfulness department.

They simply can’t help it, intimacy between two people is something rather foreign and frightening to them. Number three people can become quite jealous as well which will often impede their romantical endeavors.

Their jealousy comes from their past experiences. Partners of number three have a habit of leaving them in the dust for other, probably more “suitable” lovers.

On the long run this can cause insecurity to take root in the heart of number three. This is something they are helpless against and no matter how loving and joyful they are, there will always be something deep down that feels wrong.

They also spend big money in order to decorate their surroundings with fancy and luxurious objects however this doesn’t mean there is order in their home. This is also reflected in their romantic life.

In a relationship, number three might end up giving more importance to their career rather than to their lover.

Career aspects

Number 3s will dedicate to a routine if there are good reasons or if a loved one is in it too, but they will not smile as brightly. They cannot evolve or grow if they are forced to grow roots in one place.

While they’re not fond of jobs, they do have quite a few career options. Number three people can flourish rather nicely and become successful in comedy projects.

They can also become amazing cooks, giving Ramsey a run for his money and they can also become great teachers. Acting is not excluded as it is a form of art, something number three excels at.

Number three people require a job that involves bonding and communicating with others. That is the only way to ensure their happiness stays intact.

These people change jobs like others change socks. It’s just the way they do things in order to not get caught in a boring routine. While they can engage in routines, they actively avoid them as it can bring only discomfort and eventually depression.