Number 2 Numerology: Key Personality, Love and Career Aspects

These people tend to pay great attention to detail as this comes naturally to them.

Number 2 Numerology: Key Personality, Love and Career Aspects

Number two can, more often than not, seem like the exact opposite of the strong willed, prideful number one. This is a thoughtful, insightful and affectionate individual.

This is an opinion that might be shared between a large array of people throughout number two’s life, however number two is in no way easily influenceable or quick on giving up.

Personality aspects

This individual is often found dreaming up new ideas, plans and goals for their lives and the world. They tend to think things through quite often and usually turn a side taught into an overthinking session, all while going through their day to day life as usual.

While overthinking is normal behavior for them, sometimes they fall into this activity due to bad moods or even breakdowns. This is usually caused by a disturbance in their daily routine.

That or they’re overestimating their own mental endurance by taking upon themselves everybody else’s problems. Number two is a people’s person, sometimes to a fault.

Their nature is a kind and gentle one. Filled with compassion, number two will always be seen taking care of somebody else’s mess.

They are healers, caretakers of society that put themselves on second place in order to always be there for others. On their journey, they will spread harmony and balance wherever they go and will never exact a price for any of their great deeds. Their character often makes people take them for granted.

These people show great tenderness, logic, compassion and often avoid conflict. This is mostly due to them being highly empathetic.

They often comprehend other people’s moods before they even realize they have them. This aids them in being adaptable in an argument and understanding where everybody’s coming from in order to better bring peace in the fray.

While most people will take number two for granted, it’s their close friends, their loved ones that will truly hold them in a special place in their hearts.

The fragrance in the air when a number two is around is that of a refined individual that excels in finesse, fashion and have exquisite tastes in anything that means art. 

This often provides number two with a multitude of topics to discuss, making these people great at socializing.

While they make for great conversations and are overall gentle and kind individuals, they can turn 180 degrees with ease if they’re in a bad mood.

Their affection and compassion deplete to zero and are replaced by fits of anger and bad mouthing. This is due to their affectionate nature, it makes them prone to being influenced by the outside world, in turn getting easily hurt and releasing a stampede of negativity on any bystanders.

In romance, number two can be a bit high maintenance for some people. In actuality, number two will always provide their support, love and utter faithfulness to their partners.

All they ask in return is appreciation, consideration and pretty much everything they give to their lovers, they want back.

Number two tends to pay great attention to detail. It comes naturally to them. They show great insight, to the point of making it seem supernatural which can be a coincidence since they’re also drawn to mysticism and witchcraft. These traits aid them in better understanding other people, providing them with the tools to help others.

While number two seems to be drawn to the sophisticated parts of life, they are also suckers for small things and nature.

Sure, they love a glass of fine wine, but they also feel the joys of a tender breeze on their skin, the rustling of leaves in a forest. The pure, raw joys that life has to offer are fair game for number two.

How about love

Number 2 people can make for great partners in a romantic relationship and that’s a fact. Why? Well, these people are empaths and highly emotional.

They will always go through great lengths in order to make sure that their lover feels their affection and care. Their tender and loving hearts are great assets in a long-term commitment.

While people might not find these to be strong points, number two turns them into blessings. This individual finds great strength in emotions and is not afraid to tap into this fountain of possibility.

These people enjoy a good time downtown. Going out, socializing and especially dancing is something somewhat more than exciting for them and it’s likely where they’ll find their chosen one.

Loyal, dedicated and affectionate almost to a fault, these people make for great partners and deserve all the love in the world.

Their obsession with pampering everything around the house will be more than welcome and will come to good use if there ever is talking about having children. This is one aspect that would make them fit to be parents.

Their talent to observe the finesse in life, the smallest things, makes them prone to being easily bothered by the mistakes their lover makes.

While they tend to dig out such situations and shed light onto them, they are prone to doing it more often and drastically if they are not provided the attention they desire.

Even in the moments in which a fight might seem to be cooking up, a number two’s partner should rest easy knowing that they will not make a big fuss out of anything, ever.

After all, they put a high price on peace and tranquility and will avoid inviting conflict into their home. Number 2s, with their love and tenderness will care for their lovers and assist them in everything they can in life.

They will provide their wisdom and will walk hand in hand towards the storm with their partner, if need be.

Career aspects

Seeing as how they want to spread harmony in the world and help others the best they can, the best suited careers for a number two would be in politics, medicine, teaching and psychology.

Some members of number two can also be seen in high places in the domain of art, be it in music or in the visual aspect of it. This soothes one’s soul and number two can’t help but be drawn to such relief.

Generally speaking, since number two wants to do good for others and help the world, they will be often seen dwelling in important fields towards this goal, however that is not always the case.

Some number two people will be providing emotional support and relief of any manner, even if brief, like picking up a client’s order at a restaurant, selling a pretty, tiny house in a quiet neighborhood or even acting as cupid’s advocate in couple therapy.

All of this is chosen and done out of pure selfishness as number two craves the welfare of the people and nothing else.

Worldwide recognition or actually recognition of any scale is not something that interests them that much, if at all.

Seeing happiness spread throughout the world is more enough for these people, and they will rarely rest until that is achieved.

It’s give and continue giving with this individual. They never cease to amaze with the emotional stamina they use in order aid those around them.