Number 1 Numerology: Key Personality, Love and Career Aspects

Number 1 simply inspires loyalty, trust and power. Who wouldn’t follow in the steps of such a person?

Number 1 Numerology: Key Personality, Love and Career Aspects

The mystical, sacred aspect of number one crowns it the number of genesis. This is the omega of numerology, seeing as how all other numbers branch out of number one.

Rumor in the universe has it that the one to unlock the secrets of number one will surely attain universal knowledge and a comprehension for all that exists in the universe.

Personality aspects

Number one people are leaders through and through. Everything in their beings screams leadership. Heck! It emanates from their pores, having all the qualities to back it up too.

This can be seen from miles away. Number 1 simply inspires loyalty, trust and power. Who wouldn’t follow in the steps of such a person?

Individuals with number one aren’t ones for words or dreams, no. These are people that will take the task into their own hands and bring it to completion.

They prefer taking action and getting their hands dirty rather than simply being bystanders to life. Whatever plans they make, they do so briefly, as they prefer to work with what they have and create what is needed from scraps if needed.

While they are level-headed, they are also blunt and prefer doing rather than thinking of things too much and they can become quite successful due to this aspect of their life.

There is simply no stopping number one. Once this person decides upon something, there is close to nothing that can change their mind or get in their way.

Any and all obstacles are null in the face of this individual’s determination and strength. It’s as if trying to stop the Hulk with any sort of mundane machination that end up getting smashed.

Any mountain will be climbed… or dug through. It doesn’t matter how they do it, really. They simply end up overcoming hardships with pride and hard-work.

Number one can be a rather simple minded individual. This person doesn’t care for complications, either the ones brought by others or the ones that could be created by one’s own thoughts.

That’s why the number one prefers actions not words. These people are a force to be reckoned with and none have a say in the matter. What they say is done, and not the other way around.

While generally speaking, number one doesn’t really have any well-organized plans or main goals, it does have a path set in mind.

An individual with number one will always aim for the top, constantly striving to become the best.

Not for recognition, but simply because they desire a sense of fulfilment from achieving any and all goals they set in mind. And never giving up sure helps towards that goal.

In the process these people will try to inspire the rest of the numerology crowd in doing the same. Everybody should struggle to become the best version they can be.

These people can be rather antagonistic, envious, possessive and hard headed, but the other side of the coin shows bravery and a desire to compromise even if there is much to be lost in doing so.

These people show esteem and a sense of what is right like none other, which in turn earns the appreciations of all those around them. And why not? They deserve it. Their fight for what is good and righteous has earned at least that.

Number one’s joyfully go through life and its hardships in order to vanquish any obstacles. They simply live in order to conquer.

Anything that life has to throw in front of them, they take on happily. Not because it’s their responsibilities, which they are more than aware of. It’s simply something they desire. Their combative nature ensures that.

While befriending a number one individual might seem to be a detriment to one’s well-being and quite a headache, the opposite is often proved to be the case.

These people are utterly loyal and can take jokes quite well too. The downside to number one is that they will often, through their ideals, force their own lifestyle and standards onto others.

While this might make it feel like a constant losing battle, in the long run, number one’s friends can only become better by sticking close.

The best way to earn this individual’s appreciation and recognition is to stand up to them. While it might be a losing battle, it will 100% earn their respect.

One should not, under any circumstance, suck up to a number one. This will only create a strong distaste for the ones doing such demeaning deeds.

Their honor and strength of will knows no bounds. Their determination will not keep them narrow-minded. Quite the opposite. They will often try out new ways of completing a task if their usual methods don’t bring results.

How about love

These people show faithfulness and appreciation towards their lover. A number one, once they find their soulmate, will always have a gleam of respect and admiration for their partner and will always show humility, sometimes even making it seem like they’re their own critics.

To a stranger’s eye, these people will often seem aloof and cocky. While this is the case, it can be brought to exaggeration in the minds of others.

Their strength is shown in their character and in the way they handle relationships, but that doesn’t make them cold.

On the contrary, they have all the love and affection for the people close to them and will stop at nothing to bring them joy and fulfillment.

Career aspects

In business and work, number one’s will often be seen as relentless and lacking mercy. This might be the case, yes. But while in the process of securing victory in one’s own career, even if it seems as if others are of no detriment to them, number one will always show respect, even to their rivals.

They are ruthless only in their determination and pursuit of accomplishments. On the road to success, they will ensure that no flaws will be the downfall to their goals.

Their hard work will prove their fierceness, which is there simply because there is no room for loss. If one goal has been achieved, that simply means there is room for more goals to take its place.

A number one might find itself in a lonesome business life. This will often push number one to create a trade by themselves, becoming their own boss and take on employees. This is actually a suitable and joyful thing for number one.

This individual can also do well in careers that include keeping the law and balance of society, such as police, the army and even becoming lawyers or politicians.

As long as the main attribute of the job is being a leader, number one is going to be head over heels into it.

Number one is also into technological advancements. As such they will often be found with cutting edge technology in their hands, ready to be buttoned and used, and sometimes even invented by them.